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Bauxite mines Jajce o.d.d.

Jajce bauxite mines were founded in 1958. Currently, exploitation is carried out at three sites:
1. Red Rock deposit
2. Poljana deposit
3. Bespelj deposit
The company employs 230 people. The annual production is about 130,000 tons of bauxite.
In addition to the long tradition of mining, the quality of bauxite from this area should be emphasized, which is one of the highest quality in Europe and the world.




More than
200 employees


Annual production
130 000 tons




From the beginning until today

Exploitation of the first amounts of bauxite

Company „Geosond“ from Zagreb has on 28th of August 1958. exploited first amounts of bauxite at Bešpelj locality nearby the L-13 bearing and the bauxite exploitation has continued ever since in several localities in districts Jajce, Mrkonjić Grad and Donji Vakuf, owing to Mr.Slobodan Vučetić, Mining Engeneer, who believed that in the area of Bešpelj and Poljane are situated large quantities of high quality bauxite. One of the largest problems of that period was lack of infrastructure, there was no electricity or road, and population as potential labour was mostly illiterate. In 1958. „Elektrosond“ with great help of local population has built road Lučina – Bešpelj in length of 25 kilometers.

The mine has been operating as part of „Elektrosond“ from 1958. to 1966. and its first year production has been 1.800 tons of bauxite and then kept increasing each year during that period for approximately 10.000 tons a year so during that time total production of bauxite was around 270.000 tons.

Exploitation at this period was mostly performed manually and with primitive equipment like pickaxe, shovel, hand-chisel and such.

Non-systematical investments in geological research, labour trainig as well as in equipment the company „Elektrosond“ from Zagreb on 31.12.1965 withdraws together with that little equipment they have by that time invested in production.

Establishment of the company “Jajce Bauxite Mines”

The municipality, not wanting to abandon the workers, establishes the company named „Rudnici Boksita Jajce“ and we witness its existance until today.

Although during that year of 1966. mine has lost its machines and equipment, thanks to the engagement of current municipal authorities a record production by then of 88.000 tons of bauxite has been achieved.

Emancipation of the mine geological reasearch work was started and drilling machines for geological researches were bought.

Thanks to research works which gave results another unit, Liskovica, was established and its exploitation was started in 1968. Today it does not operate within „Rudnici Boksita Jajce“.

As the result of systematic research in 1969. at the locality of Poljane another unit was established which still operates, however the technology of excavation has changed because during that period operations were mostly operating an downward inclined excavation while later on the technology of two undermines was used .

During 1983. The underground pit at locality Crvene stijene was established which still operates, too.

Establishing these units made the company Rudnici Boksita Jajce stable and respectable .

By the end of 1960s, in 1969. to be exact, the SOUR’s – COLA’s (Complex organisations of Labour Association) were founded, considering it was the era of socialist economy that is the conventional economy, the Working organisation Rudnici Boksita Jajce was incorporated in „SOUR ENERGO INVEST“ Sarajevo.

Cooperation with leading companies in the mining and geological profession

Cooperation with the leading mining and geological houses, first of all the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engeneering of University from Zagreb, Mining University from Belgrade, Mining University from Tuzla, and the institutes from Sarajevo, Belgrade and Tuzla, the geological and mining operations were elevated to a higher level which resulted in discovering the bearings in new localities whose quality was significantly lower but in blanding with the higher quality bauxite due to low exploitation costs they were economically effective. In addition to bauxite exploitation, non-metalic mineral raw material exploitation was developed and the Mine has researched and opened surface pit of bentonites in Šipovo as well as the surface pit of Marble Majdan in the area of Mrkonjić Grad.

Employment of local population and construction of infrastructure

As one of the initiators and carriers of the area development where it operated, the Mine has in large helped the local population through the employment as well as through building of infrastructure like road communication towards Bešpelj, Jasenovi Potoci and Vlasinje.

As mentioned before, in social economy conditions the market has already been ensured, and the main buyers were alumina factories from the area of ex Yugoslavia and those are the Aluminium Combine (Union) from Mostar and Kidričevo and the alumina factory from Zvornik and Obrovac during the operating period of the latter of course.

Aside from these buyers the diaspor bauxite from Ljuša was being delivered to cement factory in Pula and ironworks factory in Zenica.

In 1973. the surface pit was opened on the mountain Srnetica, in 1976. The Ljubičina dolina pit was opened and then in 1983. the surface pit Ljuša was opened too.

Investments in non – mining activities

Apart from that in regards to the fact that it was their primary, their basic activity which actually made it possible for „Rudnici Boksita Jajce“ through the investments in non-mining acitivities to build more production units that are:
• Agricultural production unit in Divičani.
• Aluminium packaging production in Šipovo
• Mini-containers production in Baraći, Mrkonjić Grad
• Aluminium wheels in Divičani
• Aluminium metal-plastic foil production in Divičani
• Project documentation was made and the concession was redeemed for aluminium powder production, however the realization of this project was interrupted by war.

During the war period the activity was considerably reduced, however, not completely stopped. In somewhat difficult conditions within traffic and other factors the total amount of 30.000 tons of bauxite was delivered mostly to Alumina Factory Birač in Zvornik.

Privatization process which has started in 1988. and has been interrupted by war, nevertheless has been continued in 2001. and finely ended in 2003. and ever since the Company operates under the name „Rudnici Boksita Jajce“ o.d.d.

Gaining the concession for two exploitation fields in Poljane and Crvene stijene in 2013. the exploitation of architectural sructural stone begins and in 2014. the company „BX kamen“ d.o.o. is established.